Commercial Water Softeners

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Rayne of Santa Cruz is the leading provider of the local Commercial and Industrial water treatment solutions. While we can often provide a standard commercial water treatment solution, we understand that your business needs may be unique. Our water systems come in a wide range of sizes and configurations. When those standard configuration can't solve your water problem, we gladly design custom systems that include all of these technologies as well as ultraviolet and ozone, microfiltration, and extreme outputs.

Whether you need an industrial size RO or a large water softening system, we have a cost-effective, efficient.

Light Commercial Water Softener

With a Rayne Light Commercial Water Softener you and your business can begin to experience the benefits of soft water such as reduced energy consumption, a reduced need for special chemicals for handeling equipment, as well as reduced repair costs. Our Light Commercial Water Softener is ideal for restaurants, condominium complexes, and beauty salons. Click to learn more>>

Restaurants • Condominiums • Salons
light commercial

Alternating Twin Water Softener

The Rayne Alternating Twin Water Softener is the most efficient commercial water softener on the market providing a continuous supply of soft water. Our Alternating Twin Water Softener is ideal for health clubs, nursing homes, and laundries. Click to learn more>>

Health Clubs • Nursing Homes • Laundries
Alternating Twin Commercial

Commercial Series Water Softener

The Rayne Commercial Series Water Softener boasts the same great benefits as the Light Commercial Series Water Softener, but on a larger scale. The Commercial Series Water Softener is ideal for resorts, hospitals, and factories. Click to learn more>>

Resorts • Hospitals • Factories
Commercial Series