Drinking Water Systems

Drinking water quality is a growing concern both in Santa Cruz area and beyond. The presence of chlorine, dissolved solids and various “off” tastes and odors is all too common, but can be avoided with a RO system.

With a reverse osmosis system from Rayne Water, filtration turns your tap water into the sparkling clean drinking water your body needs to stay healthy and be productive. The most reliable and cost-effective option, reverse osmosis, produces plenty of quality water without the expense and plastic waste of bottled water. Carbon filters also give your home added filtration against organic chemicals and unappealing odors and tastes to water such as chlorine. Rayne of Santa Cruz can easily and affordably provide your household with water of the highest quality which is safe and clean, just as nature intended. Whether you live in Santa Cruz, Aptos, Soquel, Capitola, Watsonville, or Boulder Creek, we're right around the corner and waiting to bring you the best in drinking water systems.

Water Factory SQC-3 Reverse Osmosis

resh, Clean Drinking Water with RO Filtration. Our Water Factory SQC-3 Reverse Osmosis System featurs a 2.5 gallon storage tank, our patened stealth flow control, and a long reach air gap faucet. Click to learn more>>

Clean, Healthy, Great-Tasting Water!
reverse osmosis

PuroServe Whole House RO/Water Softener

The Rayne PuroServe is a Whole House RO/Water Softener which produces RO quality water out of every faucet in your home! This system works great for households of all sizes and small business applications. With no salt, potassium, or chemicals the PuroServe is ideal for use in areas where salt softeners are being discouraged or regulated. Click to learn more>>

RO Water To Every Faucet in Your Home!