Rayne Santa Cruz Portable Exchange Service

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Eco-Friendly Soft Water

Hard water is common in the Santa Cruz region and we can clearly see the impact on our household fixtures, plumbing, clothing, and skin. Thanks to Rayne's simple solution - Portable Exchange Tank Service - you can say goodbye to water spots and hello to environmentally-friendly soft water. In addition to the ecological benefits, the ease and convenience of softened water will never be more obvious once you install a water softener using our Portable Exchange Tank Soft Water Service . Not only will you see the benefits of having softened water immediately, but this is truly the environmentally-superior way to treat your hard water without adding to your electricity bill or your municipality's water treatment process.

Hard water stains glassware, leaves residue on dishes, requires more detergents and soaps, fades clothing, dulls hair and skin, leaves a buildup on shower and tub walls, causes irreversible corrosion when left untreated, and can reduce the life of your appliances due to clogs and buildup in pipes. While hard water doesn’t pose health risks, it does require more energy and effort to utilize, costing you more money in the long run. In fact, a quality water softener can save an average family of four between $1,400 to $1,700 per year.

When you sign up for PE Tank Service , a Rayne technician will deliver and install a Soft Water Exchange Tank, and exchange it on a regular schedule based on your family's usage patterns and the quality of the water entering your home. Our PE tank service requires no energy in your home and no drain. That means less mess, less chores, less energy to run appliances, less time spent cleaning, and more savings for you!