No Salt Water Conditioners & Whole House Water Filters

No Salt (or Salt Free) Water Conditioners and Whole House Water Filters are a great way to condition the water coming into your home using an environmentally-friendly, water treatment solution.  Rayne's no-salt water conditioners reduce chlorine, improve the taste and smell of your water, and provide scale and corrosion protection for your fixtures and water-using appliances. Our Whole House Water Filters can also provide rust free water to ever single faucet in your home - no more discolored sinks and vessels! Click on a system below to see which option is right for you:

Rayne Executive 10 Water Conditioning System

The Rayne Executive 10 offers SALT FREE Water Conditioning for your entire home or small office. With the Rayne Executive 10 System you and your family will enjoy less chlorine, improved taste, and a reduction of odors in your water.
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SALT FREE Water Treatment!
salt free

The Rayne IronMan System

The Rayne IronMan was designed with iron and problem water in mind! With the Rayne IronMan you will notice your rust stains and sulfer odors eliminated, in addition to improved cleansing strength from your laundry detergents and dish soaps. Click to learn more>>

For Iron & Other Problem Water!
iron man

HydroDI: Single Tank System

With the HydroDI Single Tank System consumers have multiple capacity options depending on the needs of the end-user. In addition the HydroDI Single Tank System only requires a small footprint. Click to learn more>>

Small Footprint • Multiple Capacity Options
HydroDI Single Tank System

HydroDI: Open Air System

The HydroDI Aopen Air System provides a solution for excessive peak demand uses without having to sacrifice water quality or quantity. Click to learn more>>

Excessive Peak Demand Uses
HydroDI Open Air System