Residential Water Treatment Systems

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Rayne of Santa Cruz offers a variety of residential water treatment systems to meet all of your water filtration needs. Perhaps you are looking for a water softener for your hard water woes. Our water softeners, no salt systems, and our HydroNovation Systems are available in various styles and sizes providing spot-free water so your dishes will sparkle, your hair and skin will be softer, and your plumbing will last longer. Soft water systems provides multiple benefits, all for a single, affordable investment. To make it even easier, Rayne of Santa Cruz offers systems for lease or purchase. Or you can choose our convenient Portable Exchange Tank Service.

Are you a well owner who has problem water? We know how to help. Whether you and your family endure black water, green water, cloudly water, or have bacteria in your water, Rayne of Santa Cruz offers whole house water filters and water softeners that are great for helping problem water. In additon, we provide water storage tank cleaning to help maintain the clean, hygenic condition of your water.

Rayne of Santa Cruz also offers a wide range of Drinking Water Systems. Having fresh, clean, great-tasting drinking water at your kitchen sink is easy with one of our reverse osmosis filters. We can also set up a community water treatment system that serves multiple homes. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and see how we can help.