Water Softeners

The long-term impact that Santa Cruz hard water can have on household plumbing and appliances can be extremely costly if not treated with a water softener. When hard water is left untreated, the deposits can calcify causing scale, expensive repairs or pricey product replacements on appliances like water heaters, washing machines and dishwashers.

A good quality water softening system will solve your hard water problems. By purchasing or renting a quality soft water system, consumers can see a considerable decrease in the amount of soaps and detergents needed, all while increasing the lifespan of textiles and household fixtures. A good quality water softener can save an average Santa Cruz family of four between $1,400 to $1,700 per year.

While some consumers worry about sodium from a water softener, rest assured, the amount of salt in your water from a softener is negligible as explained in an article by the Mayo Clinic. If salt still concerns you; we understand. Please see our No Salt Systems.

Below are just some of our most popular models. For more information, contact us for a free in-home water test which will help you understand the quality of your home's water and which system is best for you.

Rayne Versa Water Softener

The Rayne Versa features advanced technology that provides incredible versatility, amazing efficiency, and soft water tailored any way you want it! The Rayne Versa is perfect for large families or small office settings. Likewise, it is also great if you only have two people living in your home. With the Rayne Versa Water Softener you can rest assured, knowing you are getting maximum efficiency while softening your really hard water. Click to learn more>>

The Most VERSAtile Water Softener Ever!

Rayne Smart Twin Tank Water Softener

The Rayne Smart Twin Tank is ideal for large families or small office settings. With ultra-high efficiency ratings, the Rayne Smart Twin Tank boasts a 40% - 80% reduction of salt use. With the Smart Twin Tank Water Softener you and your family can enjoy having soft water at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The RayneSmart softener “analyzes” the hardness of your incoming water and adjusts for varying levels of incoming hardness. Good for water systems served by several wells or for municipals water systems that have varying levels of raw water hardness. Click to learn more>>

Our Smartest, Most Efficient Water Softener!
twin tank

RXD 1500-D Home Water Softeners

The RXD 1500-D boasts a large capacity which helps to save on salt and is perfect for large families. The RXD 1500-D Home Water Softener is also ideal in well water and problem water situations. With a computer chip that monitors daily usage, you can be sure your soft water will regenerate on demand. Click to learn more>>

Our Most Efficient Model!
rxd 1500

RXD 1000 Home Water Softeners

The RXD 1000 Home Water Softener Series if perfect for households with two people. Featuring a Space Saver Model, this water softener works wonderfully in small spaces such as apartments and condominums. In additon, it is strong enough to fight your worst problem water, including well water. Click to learn more>>

Space Saver Model!
rxd 1000

High Flow Series Home Water Softeners

Our Rayne High Flow Series Home Water Softener is great for larer pump sizes. It is strong enough to handle heavy duty and light commercial applications. The High Flow Series Water Softener is a durable, long-lasting system that is ideal for large families or small business and also works good on well water. Click to learn more>>

Ideal For Large Home Plumbing!
high flow series

Rayne Diamond Series Home Water Softeners

The Rayne Diamond Series Water Softener is ideal for small spaces and boasts a small footprint. Whether you live in an apartment, condominium, or manufactured home, the Rayne Diamond Water Softener offers soft, luxerious water at an affordable price. Click to learn more>>

Space Saver Model!

PuroServe Whole House RO/Water Softener

The Rayne PuroServe is a Whole House RO/Water Softener which produces RO quality water out of every faucet in your home! This system works great for households of all sizes and small business applications. With no salt, potassium, or chemicals the PuroServe is ideal for use in areas where salt softeners are being discouraged or regulated. Click to learn more>>

RO Water To Every Faucet in Your Home!