Water Storage Tank Cleaning (Patent Pending)

water storage tank cleaning

Rayne of Santa Cruz’s new water tank cleaning process provides for entry-less cleaning of your water tanks.  The process allows for effective cleaning of tanks without the need for the entry of maintenance personnel into your storage tank the process is inherently much more hygienic than have personnel enter the tank.  In turn this means that the sanitization of the tank after cleaning is much simpler.  Additionally, since the sediment and debris is literally vacuumed off the bottom of the storage tank the tank does not require draining. This means no down time required for the tank to re fill.  The typical water loss during the cleaning process is approximately 15 to 20% of the tank volume. (Actual amount will vary with the degree of dirt load in the tank). 


For tanks located in or near sensitive environmental areas the dirt is pumped to a holding tank for environmental disposal (additional expense).  Sanitizer is added during the cleaning process to insure hygienic conditions.