Well Water Systems - Hard Water

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Hardness is made of of dissolved calcium and magnesium derived from the earth that the groundwater contacts. Hardness interferes with the function of soap and actually destroys the cleaning action of soap by combining with it to create soap curd. Hardness must be removed to allow for good cleaning action and to prevent scale formation on fixtures, plumbing and appliances.

There are more choices for water softening solutions today that at any other time. The most common applications involve conventional water softeners which are cleaned with salt or potassium chloride. Today we also have the world’s first truly salt free hardness reduction system available. Ask us about the new HydroNovation system. This truly innovative system reduces not only hardness but also dissolved solids. This enables you to have drinking water quality water through out the entire house at every tap. No need for a drinking water system at the kitchen sink in addition to the softener.