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Does your family get water from a private well? If you answered yes, but do not have an effective treatment system , the quality of your drinking water could be in question A properly designed water treatment system can address these problems. Below is a list of common well water problems:

Well owners are solely responsible for testing their own water, unlike individuals who obtain their water from public water supplies that are regulated and routinely tested by the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA does not have the authority or resources to test private wells, which results in much less monitoring and identifying of contaminants.

Approximately 15% of Americans rely on their own private drinking water supply, which means that you are not alone. Well owners must take extra precautions to ensure the protection and maintenance of their drinking water and make up for the lack of routine testing and expertise that public drinking water supplies have. What should well water be tested for? Metals (including iron and manganese) nitrates and coliform bacteria are all serious contaminants that should be monitored on a regular basis.

Not all of the water in the Santa Cruz region is poor - our municipal water suppliers actually do a great job, but there are certainly concerns that most well owners face. For example, many well owners deal with iron causing rusty water, manganese turning water black, green stains from acid water, hydrogen sulfide causing a rotten egg smell, turbidity clouding the water, and issues with storage tank cleaning. It is crucial that you have the tools and knowledge to control the smell, taste, and safety of your well water and to be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of drinking water problems. If you suspect that your drinking water of poor quality, contact a Rayne of Santa Cruz water professional today.

The most cost efficient and effective way to treat your water can be determined after a complete water analysis has been performed. Your local Rayne Water professionals can provide your household with valuable information and products which will effectively treat your well water.

Description of water problems and treatment processes:

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Iron Filtration:

Our most popular iron filter uses new non-chemical design. No harsh or toxic chemicals are used to regenerate (clean) these iron filters. They rely on simple backwash cycle and an incorporated injection of air to oxidize the iron.

pH Neutralization:

Several methods of pH neutralization can be employed. However the simplest method is to use a filter media of calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide. The system simply backwashes on a pre-determined schedule to remove the accumulated dirt. Since the calcium carbonate media dissolves in order to neutralize the acidity, the media must be replenished on occasion. The actual frequency of replenishment depends on the particular installation but generally is required once or twice a year.

Hydrogen Sulfide:

Many of the private wells in Santa Cruz County have some degree of hydrogen sulfide. Since hydrogen sulfide quantities are extremely variable depending on the particular well, each application requires individual customized water treatment. In some instances hydrogen sulfide can be removed by filtration. In other applications ozone may be the best method. Contact us for a free site survey to determine the best method of treatment for your application.

Water Chemistry

Hard Water

Hardness in water is a direct result of the dissolution of minerals in the ground. As the water passes through the aquifers on its way to the tap it picks up impurities such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals not only make it difficult to clean with but also deposit on fixtures and inside pipes and water heaters. This scale is not only unsightly but also creates costly problems with the plumbing and appliances. Water softeners remove or reduce these hardness impurities and enhance the useful life of plumbing and appliances throughout your home.


Private wells in Santa Cruz County may have levels of iron ranging to non-detectible to 10 mg or more. Effective treatment of such water requires a complete water analysis. Once the full extent of the water chemistry is understood it is possible to properly design an effective water treatment system. Rayne provides a free basic water analysis. More extensive water analysis are provide on a fee basis if required.

Iron filtration:

Our most popular iron filter uses new non-chemical design. No harsh or toxic chemicals are used to regenerate (clean) these iron filters. They rely on simple backwash cycle and an incorporated injection of air to oxidize the iron.