Rayne of Santa Cruz: water softeners and water treatment systems for homes and businesses in Santa Cruz County.

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Water Softener Systems

Water softeners in the Santa Cruz area are essential. But did you know, over 89% of homes across the U.S. have hard water, making it the single most widespread water problem in American homes. So why soft water?

  • Water softeners allow consumers to dramatically cut back on their soap and detergent use
  • Household appliances run more efficiently, using less water and less energy. A good quality water softener can save a family of 4 between $1,400 - $1,700 every year.
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Drinking Water Systems

A drinking water system provides more than just great-tasting water. If the water in your home is treated by your Municipality, your water may still contain chlorine dissolved solids and off odors.

Rayne Drinking Water Systems by Rayne Water ensure you family is drinking clean, sparkling fresh tasting water right from your kitchen counter.

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Well Water Systems

A homeowner with well water is solely responsible for monitoring the quality of their own water - so an effective well water treatment system is essential. Wells can produce water with higher concentrations of iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide hardness, or other contaminants.

Even without all of those impurities, well water tends to taste and smell a bit musty. Households with well water could really benefit from a whole house water filter system, a reverse osmosis system or even a Storage Tank Cleaning.

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